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GreyStarr is 95.9 the WRAT's Miss October!

What is it about GreyStarr constantly being two degrees of separation from Twisted Sister? First The Rock Carnival, now this...

Let us introduce you to WRAT's Miss October! Vroom Vroom!!! Hopefully you were one of the lucky ones to receive your complimentary Rat Rock calendar... otherwise you can live vicariously through us, while we sip Pumpkin Lattes and make Halloween plans.

Voted in by the die hard listeners of 95.9FM's WRAT, Miss October is here to tell you what day it is all the way to Halloween! We are proud of ya, GreyStarr for going before the iconic lens of Mark Weiss, joining the ranks of Motley Crew and Twisted Sister. While October 2016 will be here and gone in a couple weeks, this awesome image shall be forever in our hearts. While we are on the subject of calendars, make sure to mark yours for October 28th, when we take the stage at Twin Rivers Casino in Rhode Island!

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