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Gobble, Gobble Glitterheads!

In these crazy pants hectic times, we wanted to put our hands together to applaud all of you in our magical Glitterverse that help us rock out as the badass GlitterQueens of your dreams. An EP of thanks, if you will.

Glitterheads! You were there for us this year from propelling us to the finals of the Dunkin' Donuts Cold Brew jingle contest, viewing and sharing our music video for "Don't Change," and just generally sending us glitter vibes. Simply put, we cannot be Kingston and Greystarr without our Glitterheads. There are so many wonderful things on the horizon that we can't wait to share with you! But for now we just say thank you and leave you waiting in antici--pation!

Glitter! We know that we always shine brighter than the stage lights when we rock out with Lemonhead.LA. Simply said, they put the glam in glitter and are a must for our space odyssey.

Getups! Our signature metallic onesies by Coquetry Clothing define the Kingston & Greystarr Glitterhead vibe. Magical. Sexy. Powerful. And all rock and roll.

Gear! We weren’t made to be subtle and neither were our microphones. Bowie & Vanity give voice to our dreams, desires, and melodies. They bring us to you and you deserve everything to be spectacular.

So Glitterheads, who or what are you shouting out this year?

Let us know on our insta!

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