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Glow and Shine Glitterheads!

Happy New Year, Glitterheads!

This year we have one wish for you—to connect with your inner glow.

So often life comes at us and we put ourselves to the side. We place our desires on the back-burner to support our friends and family. We let work take priority to passion. We fall into ruts. We forget what really drives us as we seek security and what society would have us believe is success.

This year, you aren’t going to settle for what you’ve always done. You are going to find your inner glow. Sure, it might start as a wavering spark, but that’s all you need. Because sparks grow.

How do you do this? Well, that’s going to be unique to each of you. And we love this journey for you.

That said, we are still your magical rock unicorns, so we are going to throw out some ways you can get started on this glittery epic journey to find your inner glow.

Think about things you don’t think about. Challenge yourself. Be bold. Live loud. Don’t look back, you aren’t going that way. Let go of expectations and let go of the pressure of being who everyone has told you to be. Sing. Rage. Scream. Laugh. Defy expectations. Ride that roller coaster. Eat that food. Get that haircut. Create a vision board. Ask questions. Listen to new music. Make glitter a lifestyle!

Or do none of the above. We just hope you will make yourself a priority. And that you will keep us updated along the way, because we are so excited for you to finally meet yourself. Plus, your glow totally gives us life!

And make sure to stop by our Insta to comment and to let us know what you are thinking about doing to ignite that spark. And include #themoreyouglow so the Glitterverse can follow you throughout the year. You never know who you just might inspire…and that is definitely glow-worthy!

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